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PSE-PSB-SERIESGerbeur ElectricGerbeur with capacities of 2 600lb / 3 300lb. Comprehensive design of mast versions and lift capacities for different demands. Puissanceful high quality AC drive unit. Optional EPS – Electric steering system. Ergonomic CAN-BUS tiller, for both left-handed and right handed operator High performance DIN-standard battery cells for long operation. Robust and ergonomic design with various storage areas. Key-switch, emergency switch

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Admin/ avril 21, 2020/ GERBEUR

PS-TSL-SERIESGerbeur Straddle-leg Electric PedestrianGerbeur with capacities of 2 600lb / 3 500lb / 3 900lb. Mesh protection. Robust and Reliable Design. Easy maintenance. ZF drive technology. Straddle leg. Easy Assembly. Electronic proportional lifting and lowering. Long tiller design for ergonomics and safety. ZAPI controller. Voir la documentation


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PS12-16-20NGerbeur Gerbeur with capacities of 2 600lb, 3 500lb and 4 400lb. The lifting height up to 216 inches. Voir la documentation