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ESE44 Economy Scale Jack

The ESE44 Economy Scale Jack has a 4,400lb load capacity and comes equipped with a Digital Scale, allowing you to weigh your load on the spot for maximum efficiency. The revolutionary, single-chassis design allows the forks to keep their original dimensions. The scale features zero correction, total weight, electronic lifting height indication, is Splash proof IP65; and runs on 2 standard 1.5V AA/LR6 batteries.

This ergonomic, powder coated pallet truck offers reliable, sturdy operation and is easy to maneuver with effortless steering. Chromed bearing bushings and joints ensure quite operation and a long life. Ingenuity and efficiency all in one!


Type Manual Scale Pallet Truck
Capacité de chargement 4 400 lb
Dimensions des fourches 27 ” W x 48 ” L Standard
Size of Fork 6.3 ” x 2 ”
Hauteur maximale des fourches 7.7 ”
Min Fork Height 2.95 ”
Steering Wheel φ7 ” x φ2 ”
Load Roller Single φ2.55 ” x 3.65 ”
Load Roller Tandem φ3 ” x 2.8 ” (special order)


Optional Fork Widths: 21”
Optional Tandem Fork Rollers

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